The goal of this site is to allow you – the reader – to see how clearly, logically, reasonably and beautifully the Bible explains itself. For this reason, no personal interpretation is allowed, nothing added or removed from the holy words of God, spoken through His faithful servants.
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Let God be True

Delightfully simple and logical explanations of God's purpose for the deliverance of the human family from sorrow, sickness, selfishness, oppression and death. Every statement the author makes is filled with reason and abundantly fortified by Bible proofs. He makes no apologies for the God of the Bible; instead, takes you, the reader, to a view of the majesty and wisdom of the Creator, that yields sheer amazement and extreme satisfaction. The Divine Program for man's happiness and everlasting life on Earth, as explained in this book, unravels all the mysteries of life. For centuries, people have had the idea that the priesthood and teachers in theological schools were the only ones who understood and could explain the Bible. Alas! What confusion! What contradictions! What a complete ruin these leaders have made out of people's trust in them! Now, thanks to God’s wisdom and mercy, it is easy and accessible for all to thoroughly understand God's Word. The explanations in this book are simple, direct and not the least bit ecclesiastical. In fact, this book has been written in such a way that even those who have had little understanding of the Bible before, can now understand and appreciate Jehovah God’s wonderful purposes for the blessing of all mankind.

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