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There are hundreds of christian denominations in the world today, each with a different interpretation of the Scriptures. They can’t all be true. In fact, the Bible teaches us that “many paths may seem good to man, but eventually they lead to death.” Sincerity in error does not lead to life, but the true knowledge of God and of His Son, Jesus Christ does. (John 17.17)

Prophecies and the well-known facts which prove their fulfillment show us that we are now living in the final days of this old, evil system of things. This means a time of darkness for those who ignore God’s provisions, and a time of enlightenment and increased knowledge like never before for the true servants of God.


The holy words of our loving Creator and God, Jehovah, written in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, enable a sincere heart to find the path to peace, true riches, happiness and eventually eternal life. Therefore, a clear understanding of the Bible is vital today and for this reason, this website has been developed for your benefit.

The “Topics” section of this site includes 70 individual pages, and each one describes what the Bible – not what personal interpretations of men – teaches us on that specific topic. No personal interpretation is allowed, because ONLY VERSES FROM THE BIBLE are used to demonstrate and clarify the true, harmonious and reasonable teaching from God. This is the result of an extensive research process and it is offered to you for free. Jesus Christ, the man labeled as the one with the greatest impact on mankind, declared: “The Truth will set you free” and “Search the Scriptures, for in them you find eternal life.” Therefore, see below how clearly the BIBLE EXPLAINS THE BIBLE!

No personal interpretation.
No traditions of men.
Just God’s holy Word.


There are hundreds of Christian denominations in the world today, each with a different interpretation of the Scriptures.

Learn here why we are confident this is the “narrow path”.

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