By the Scripture's Own Writers

JEHOVAH GOD is the Creator of man. It is reasonable to expect that the Creator would give some revelation of himself and his purposes to man. The Bible purports to be that revelation. Is the Bible true, and is it the Word of God? Modernist clergymen say "No," and they say it is unreliable. I here submit some proof that the Bible is God's word of truth and that it is the only safe guide for man.


The physical facts prove beyond any question that there was once a great flood of water that covered this earth. Noah was brought over and saved from the world that was destroyed by that flood. Noah was the most important man on earth of his time. He possessed a personal knowledge of things that no other man on earth at that time could know so well.

From the creation of Adam to the flood was a period of 1656 years. In those days men lived for nearly a thousand years. Adam was on earth three hundred years after the birth of Enoch. Being a good man, Enoch would gather from Adam all the facts he knew concerning Eden and what occurred there. Naturally Enoch would tell those things to his son Methuselah, who was the grandfather of Noah. From Methuselah and from Lamech his father Noah would receive all the information then obtainable by man, the most important part of which would be that which took place in Eden and following thereafter. Noah lived 350 years after he came out of the ark. Only two years after his death Abraham was born, and naturally Abraham would learn from Shem, his great grandfather, who was the son of Noah, the history of man.

Abraham is the beginning of the people of Israel, otherwise called the Jews. He is designated the "father of the faithful", and no man could have faith without knowledge; therefore the conclusion must be that Abraham was informed of God's dealings with man. Jacob was a grandson of Abraham, and the father of Joseph who became a mighty ruler in Egypt Moses, an Israelite, was born in Egypt, and it is written of him that he was learned in all the wisdom of Egypt, which naturally would include all the information handed down by his ancestors. It is not unusual for an American boy to learn from his father the important facts of American history. With stronger reasoning, Moses would learn from his father the history of his people. Moses was eminently qualified to write the history of man. Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. It is therefore seen that this information could easily have been handed down from one generation to another.

Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses were men devoted to God and naturally would obtain all the information they could concerning God's dealings with mankind. The New Testament mentions these men as being approved by Jehovah. If we had no other proof concerning the Bible except tradition, that would be sufficient proof to warrant us in accepting it as the history of the human race. We have much more than that, however.

It will be conceded that man is the most intelligent of earth's creation. He has a natural tendency to keep a record of events for the benefit of himself and succeeding, generations. This in itself is proof that his succeeding desired man to keep such record and hence planted in his mind the inclination so to do. It logically follows that the great Creator would provide the means for keeping such record. Since it had to do with his own word and name, he would supervise the keeping that it would be correct. If Jehovah had to do with the keeping of such record, then we may know that the record contains the truth.

Both tradition and the Bible agree that Moses was devoted to God and that he was sent to Egypt by Jehovah on a specific mission. He was the very kind of man that God would choose to make the record of his Purposes concerning man. Moses, therefore, in writing was merely an amanuensis to write for Jehovah. The same is properly said of all the other writers of the Bible. God directed them what to write. Concerning such, David, the faithful king of Israel, said : "The spirit of the. Lord spoke by me, and his word was in my tongue." The spirit of God means his power which is invisible to man but - which he causes to operate upon the mind of man and to direct him what to do.

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